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Tired of visitor’s plainly copying coupon codes on your WordPress coupon site without clicking your links? Having issues tracking the validity of coupons? All I can say is, “Welcome to the club”. There are thousands of WordPress blog owners who go through the same saga. All said and done, we are too busy to keep track of every discount deal. It’s time to harness the power of wordpress and transform it into a professional grade coupon site.

Ever wonder what makes a WordPress coupon site sizzle?

discounts coupon sites 300x2121 Benefits of having a coupon WordPress siteGive me a site that does not offer a little box during checkout that says “Enter Promo code”. Every smart shopper knows the next step is to crank up their favorite search engine and find the best up-to-date functioning codes for the site.
A WordPress coupon site has the power to dish up coupons based on the affiliate program you are part of. It’s principally like managing a search engine optimized micro site. Commission is earned each time a visitor clicks on the coupon code. It can’t get any simpler than this.

The trick here is to ensure that the wordpress site is clutter free. The lesser the mess your visitors see, the lesser the time taken for them to click the coupon.

Coupon sites are able to save money on any Word Press blog

Unfortunately even with a WP coupon site, a considerable amount of money is lost on shorter promo codes. Visitors prefer to manually type ‘1234’ or ‘ABCD’ instead of clicking it. Most coupon plugins tackle this issue. WordPress coupons can be used to give grocery or retail discounts.

WordPress coupons provide your site the benefit to post coupons for practically any niche. It’s known to be a good way to drive traffic and monetize a website. Now you may be wondering how coupons would drive traffic to a website? Well, the answer is pretty simple. “Everyone loves discounts”. Its human nature to be lured into the best offers and internet users are willing to go that extra mile searching the internet for a coupon. However, Coupon codes need to be updated regularly to keep the site useful.

Finding the best theme and plugin for a your site

old wordpress site 300x2281 Benefits of having a coupon WordPress siteA coupon site created in WordPress is counter balanced so that you not only give visitors great savings, but also generate supplementary sales. Most coupon themes are easy to use and are tightly integrated with WordPress. This is where coupon plugins step forward. WordPress coupon plugins have been around that make setting up a coupon site fast and easy. Most of them are incorporated with Facebook and Twitter to help spread coupons more easily through social media.

Additional CSVImport and SEO friendly features provide the flexibility of a power user. All-in-all you’ll be able to convert a simple WordPress coupon site into something more dominant. You can automatically populate the website with loads of working coupons and earn the promotion your site deserves.

Printable coupons are a feature that many new themes have implemented. In addition to this, visitors can now share new coupons on the site that can be approved or denied at the backend.

Managing temporary parking for a coupon site

Are you currently designing a wordpress coupon site but need to start teasing your visitors? Well, most sites have an intuitive “Under construction” or “Coming soon” page a visitor sees when visiting a particular site. What it this boring “Under construction” pages were converted into a full blown theme? Seriously – there’s a theme for that too. You get them complete with professionally skinned and colored versions.

The need for professional temporary pages has pushed wordpress theme designers over the edge. The implementation of counters and countdown scripts leaves visitors stoked about the product being offered.

The best plugin for your needs

Wordpress coupon site plugin Benefits of having a coupon WordPress siteFinally, a true wordpress coupon site would never cease to amaze its visitors and create a genuine desire to keep coming back for more.

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