CCPEv5 Coupon Code Elite Version 5.0 Released!I am excited to announce that Coupon Code Elite Version 5.0 is now available for download in your client center!

v5.0 fixes a number of nagging issues, as well as adds new functionality. A quick summary of what’s “in the box” is below.

I know that lots of our current and potential customers have been patiently (or, in some cases, not so patiently!) awaiting this release, so as a thank you for sticking with us we’re going to discount our prices for 2 weeks in celebration of the new version!

Single Licenses are 20% Off – Use Code “HOORAVYV5” (like “Hooray, version 5!”).
Unlimited Licenses are also 20% Off – Use code “HOORAYV5” –

If you’ve been thinking of trying out the Elite version, or want to add CouponCode Elite to another website, now is a great time to upgrade!

We’re also introducing a new, 30-day money back guarantee policy. So rest assured you have plenty of time to make Coupon Code Elite work for you.

Bug Fixes in Version 5.0:

  • Fixed bug where 2nd (3rd, nth) coupon placed on a page was not clickable
  • Fixed warning from “wpdb:prepare” regarding 2 required variables
  • Blank dates now remain blank (do not switch to 1/1/1970)
  • Database is now upgraded properly when upgrading from older versions

New Features in v5.0:

  • Selecting “Hide Coupon Code” will now replace the code with your “Call to Action” text
  • Longer Coupon Codes – You can now create codes as long as you need and the button will expand with the code’s text.

Keep an eye out for v6.0 coming in Q4 with many more enhancements recommended by our community of users!

Thanks again for your support of our plugin!

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wordpress coupon code plugin sale button End of Summer Sale!Its coming to the end of the summer in the USA and fall is edging ever closer. As the sun sinks lower in the sky, we tend to spend more time indoors using our computers. This is the ideal time for you to be pushing your affiliate links and coupons as there will be more people at home, inside, online and looking for discounts.

We have therefore decided to extend our current discount for Coupon Code Elite, keeping it at just $19.99 (saving $17.01).

We have also introduced a brand new bundle called “Premium Plugin Bundle” which includes Coupon Code Elite, Social Gateway, SnipIt and Content Timeout for just $29.99 (saving $66.98)!

Check our pricing options and place your order

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We have been working on a new release of Coupon Code Elite for a while. It was during this work that the great guys at contacted us about the core system used for copying the coupon code which contained a potential for a Cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability where an attack could take place.

We ran a series of tests and while it seemed unlikely to effect any of our customers, it was still a potential risk that we had to mitigate. Our dev team then began planning changing the coding that was at risk. This was a large task and involved almost all of the coding that made up the coupon code copying process. This was pretty extensive work and resulted in an awful lot of testing and tweaking so that we could be sure it was problem free and we were not introducing any issues along with the new code.

Download Coupon Code Elite Now!

This has increased the size of the plugin from 162,652 bytes to 237,553 bytes.

Now that the core has been fully updates, our dev team can begin working on the planned new features and functions for the next release of Coupon Code Elite.

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It seems that no matter where you are in the world, the weather seems to be very gloomy and this makes us gloomy.

We want to spread some cheer and how better to do it than to give away huge discounts?

Receive a whopping 50% off all prices!

Your exclusive 50% discount coupon is: 06K5EZ5YRC

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As these are huge discounts, we have to limit them to just 50 coupon codes each!


If you have any questions at all, please let us know. We are always happy to assist.

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We are very excited to announce the release of 3 new plugins, plus 1 plugin that you likely did not know about.

The plugin that we are most excited about is Social Gateway (brief description below) which protects content and hides it behind a social wall. A social wall is just like a pay wall (where you need to pay to access), except instead of charging to access the content, the visitor must mention your desired link on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Linkedin. Once the visitor has shared, the content is immediately revealed. You can hide anything you can put in a post or page!

Our fantastic new plugins are:

Social Gateway
Protect content, posts and pages, requiring visitors to like a link on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Linkedin to unlock the protected content. With search engines counting the number of times your website is mentioned on social networks, a like can be very valuable to your website. Use social networks like a payment gateway, automatically unlocking the content as soon as the visitor likes your link.

Content Timeout
Set selected posts or categories to timeout after the visitor has viewed it x times or after x days and x hours. This allows you to show teaser content and then require users to register so that they can continue viewing the content.

Automated image watermarking and resizing, all processed when the image is uploaded, imported or added by a plugin. Ideal for autobloggers, photobloggers or any website who want to protect their images from theft.

Rss aggregator which imports rss feeds and creates posts from them. Create unlimited campaigns for unlimited categories. Automate editing of posts to transform them into unique content. The ideal autoblogging solution.

All plugins come with lifetime updates and support at no extra cost. If you have any questions about our plugins, please contact us.

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We are very exited to tell you about a special offer that we are launching today. The offer includes two options, the first gives you 50% off and the second gives you 75% off in exchange for a mention on a social network.

Special Offer 1

A 50% discount is available and will be displayed at the top of your order, providing you with the coupon code to receive your discount.

Special Offer 2

Mention us on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin or Google+ and you will receive an exclusive 75% discount coupon immediately which can be applied when placing your order.

[sgat id="25425375" description="Select your desired network so that you can mention us and receive your discount."]Thank you for mentioning us.

Your exclusive 75% discount coupon is: frezux4w
Please enter the coupon code when you place your order in the box labelled “promotional code”.

For your convenience, you can use the following links to place your order and have your 75% discount automatically applied.
Single License: Click here to order
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In a recent report by the, it stated that:

Across Britain, one in seven shops is now boarded up, as consumers drive to out-of-town malls or wait out the recession with their hands in their pockets. Then there is the one-click efficiency of online shopping: the UK is Europe’s leading e-retail economy, with sales estimated at £68.2bn for 2011; the market grew 16% in 2011 and is predicted to increase by a further 13% this year.

Source: Guardian UK

Highstreet Retail Sale e commerce gets 16% increase in 2012We believe that this has increased the popularity of couponing, especially online couponing. As the economy within the UK has taken a second turn for the worst, many more people are venturing into online shopping. This includes the die hard online shoppers as well as customers who are just beginning to venture online hunting for lower prices and greater availability.

When I had read this article, I located some reliable sources for the USA which is detailed below.

The USA has experienced similar growth. A report for Q4 of 2011 (released on February 16, 2012) from the US Census Bureau / US Department of Commerce showed an increase of 16.1% when compared with Q4 of 2010. The total increase for the whole year is also 16.1%.

Total e-commerce sales for 2011 were estimated at $194.3 billion, an increase of 16.1 percent (±1.6%) from 2010. E-commerce sales in 2011 accounted for 4.6 percent of total sales.

Source: (PDF)

What does this mean?

It means that the UK and USA are both experiencing an annual increase of 16%-16.1% in online sales of products with a likely project increase of 13% for 2012. This increase is an ideal opportunity for you to increase your income by providing affiliate links and coupon codes to entice customers into making purchases. Customers are looking for savings and companies are looking for customers, you can help them make the connection and make money along the way.

There are many businesses who are launching affiliate plans to help increase their income in place of traditional advertising methods. While this includes many standard types of online businesses such as hardware and software retailers, it also includes others such as medical insurance.

We have already looked at couponing stats in a previous post called “” which shows the increasing number of people searching for coupons. During times of financial uncertainty, people naturally fear losing their jobs and worry about how they will pay their bills. This naturally increases the volume of people looking for coupons. After all, why would you pay full price for a product or service when you can search for a coupon online? As more and more people search for coupons, you can provide coupons along with your affiliate link, helping people save money while you too earn money in the process.

With high street retail in a decline, e-commerce is seeing an increase of 16%. This increase is most likely due to more people are going online to look for deals and coupons.

Sources and References: – Can anyone save our high streets?
United States Census Bureau – Wholesale & Retail Trade: Online Retail Sales
United States Census Bureau – Measuring the Electronic Economy
United States Census Bureau – Latest Quarterly E-Commerce Report

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We have received a number of customers asking why they should use a WordPress coupon plugin instead of a WordPress Coupon theme. I want take this opportunity to explain why I think that it is a lot better to use a WordPress coupon plugin instead of a WordPress coupon theme.

In my personal opinion, themes are for design and layout and not for features and functions, which should all be managed by plugins. Why? I will tackle each area below so that you can see why I genuinely think that a plugin is the only way to go when adding a feature or function to your website.

Design / Layout

WordPress Coupon Theme
When using a theme, you are stuck with the design / layout that the theme provides. While most themes allow you to alter colours, you are stuck with the general layout of the theme unless you want to really strip the theme apart and code a lot of it yourself. But even then, you would have to redo this every time the developer released an update. So, in short, if you wanted to change your layout format, you would have to do some very extensive coding to change the format and this would need to be repeated every single time you updated the theme. We all know how vital it is to keep themes up to date after the recent TimThumb issue which resulted in millions and millions of wordpress sites compromised, many of whom may have been dropped by search engines due to infected files on the site.

WordPress Coupon Plugin
What can I say? With a plugin, it will work with any theme (our plugin Coupon Code Elite does). So, if you ever get sick of your design / layout or just want a change, you simply activate another theme. It is that simple. Shouldn’t it always be that simple? We think so. This means that you can swap from one complex design / layout to another in one click!

Below are a few examples of a few layouts you can easily create with our WordPress Coupon Plugin.

 Coupon Layout Category Thumb1 WordPress Coupon Theme or Plugin?Coupon Layout Post Thumb1 WordPress Coupon Theme or Plugin?Coupon Layout List thumb WordPress Coupon Theme or Plugin?Coupon Layout Table Thumb2 WordPress Coupon Theme or Plugin?


WordPress Coupon Theme
Every theme that we have seen which is designed for a specific purpose, such as coupon codes, takes over your entire site, transforming almost all of your website into a coupon site. Do you really want to be stuck with only that option? Themes rarely, if ever, provide scalability when they provide features and functions.

WordPress Coupon Plugin
You can use Coupon Code Elite to add coupons in any post or page (including custom posts and pages). This allows you to provide coupons in any way that you want. You can provide a coupon every now and then in a relevant post, you can use one or more categories as dedicated coupon categories, you can add all your coupons to one page, to be quite frank, you can do it how you like. Why should you be locked to a specific method for your coupons? You shouldn’t. Coupon Code Elite and even Coupon Code Lite can be used to create a single coupon or an entire coupon site and everything in between.

In Closing

In short, themes should be for design and layout while plugins should be used to add features and functions. You should not lock yourself to a single design / layout just so that you can have a feature / function. What if you want to change the look of your site? You can’t as all your coupons are locked within the theme. If you used a plugin, you could change to another theme with a single click.

If the theme you buy only comes with a handful of styles, that is all you have available. If you use a plugin, you can use any theme you like and you do not have to stick to the few very similar styles that are normally provided within a theme.

I do not believe there to be any logical reason to use a theme to add a feature / function such as coupons. What if you already had a theme and just wanted to add coupons to your site? What if your sites sole purpose was not to provide coupons, but you wanted to talk about hosting and provide coupons to help increase your income? You would likely not want to change the entire design and layout of your website just so you could provide coupons and you shouldn’t have to. Coupon Code Elite will work with almost any theme (we have not yet found a single theme that Coupon Code Elite does not work with) and when you want to change theme, it is a single click, no editing code, straightforward and simple, the way it should be.

When you are setting up a business (online or offline), you need to make sure that you do not add something to your business that restricts your activity. Would you buy or rent a business unit that only allowed you to sell one product or service? Would you buy or rent a business unit that had solid walls in that could not be moved, forcing you to be stuck with limited layouts? No, of course you wouldn’t and it shouldn’t be any different when it comes to an online business. In today’s turbulent financial climate, you need to be able to move in any direction at any time and selecting a theme as mentioned above would only restrict your activity, meaning that if you needed to move to survive, you couldn’t and thus, you likely wouldn’t survive.

Grab our Coupon Code Elite Trial for free. We guarantee to match the price of any similar product (yes, that even includes themes) of the same quality or higher, even up to 30 days after your purchase!

I did not want this post to be a sales pitch, whether you choose our plugin or someone else’s plugin, I wanted you to have the information at hand to make the right decision for your business.

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We want to be able to provide Coupon Code Plugin in the formats that our customers want. Based on recent suggestions, we have now launched an Unlimited License version so that you can use it on as many of your own sites as you like. The unlimited license pack now replaces the 5 license pack.

The new Unlimited license can now be found within the pricing table found within the main description and costs just $99!

We have also launched a price guarantee. We guarantee to match the price of any other coupon plugin or theme of the same quality or greater, even within 30 days of your purchase! How great is that?

As always, we would love to hear your comments and suggestions.

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Tired of visitor’s plainly copying coupon codes on your WordPress coupon site without clicking your links? Having issues tracking the validity of coupons? All I can say is, “Welcome to the club”. There are thousands of WordPress blog owners who go through the same saga. All said and done, we are too busy to keep track of every discount deal. It’s time to harness the power of wordpress and transform it into a professional grade coupon site.

Ever wonder what makes a WordPress coupon site sizzle?

discounts coupon sites 300x2121 Benefits of having a coupon WordPress siteGive me a site that does not offer a little box during checkout that says “Enter Promo code”. Every smart shopper knows the next step is to crank up their favorite search engine and find the best up-to-date functioning codes for the site.
A WordPress coupon site has the power to dish up coupons based on the affiliate program you are part of. It’s principally like managing a search engine optimized micro site. Commission is earned each time a visitor clicks on the coupon code. It can’t get any simpler than this.

The trick here is to ensure that the wordpress site is clutter free. The lesser the mess your visitors see, the lesser the time taken for them to click the coupon.

Coupon sites are able to save money on any Word Press blog

Unfortunately even with a WP coupon site, a considerable amount of money is lost on shorter promo codes. Visitors prefer to manually type ‘1234’ or ‘ABCD’ instead of clicking it. Most coupon plugins tackle this issue. WordPress coupons can be used to give grocery or retail discounts.

WordPress coupons provide your site the benefit to post coupons for practically any niche. It’s known to be a good way to drive traffic and monetize a website. Now you may be wondering how coupons would drive traffic to a website? Well, the answer is pretty simple. “Everyone loves discounts”. Its human nature to be lured into the best offers and internet users are willing to go that extra mile searching the internet for a coupon. However, Coupon codes need to be updated regularly to keep the site useful.

Finding the best theme and plugin for a your site

old wordpress site 300x2281 Benefits of having a coupon WordPress siteA coupon site created in WordPress is counter balanced so that you not only give visitors great savings, but also generate supplementary sales. Most coupon themes are easy to use and are tightly integrated with WordPress. This is where coupon plugins step forward. WordPress coupon plugins have been around that make setting up a coupon site fast and easy. Most of them are incorporated with Facebook and Twitter to help spread coupons more easily through social media.

Additional CSVImport and SEO friendly features provide the flexibility of a power user. All-in-all you’ll be able to convert a simple WordPress coupon site into something more dominant. You can automatically populate the website with loads of working coupons and earn the promotion your site deserves.

Printable coupons are a feature that many new themes have implemented. In addition to this, visitors can now share new coupons on the site that can be approved or denied at the backend.

Managing temporary parking for a coupon site

Are you currently designing a wordpress coupon site but need to start teasing your visitors? Well, most sites have an intuitive “Under construction” or “Coming soon” page a visitor sees when visiting a particular site. What it this boring “Under construction” pages were converted into a full blown theme? Seriously – there’s a theme for that too. You get them complete with professionally skinned and colored versions.

The need for professional temporary pages has pushed wordpress theme designers over the edge. The implementation of counters and countdown scripts leaves visitors stoked about the product being offered.

The best plugin for your needs

Wordpress coupon site plugin Benefits of having a coupon WordPress siteFinally, a true wordpress coupon site would never cease to amaze its visitors and create a genuine desire to keep coming back for more.

Start using the WordPress Coupon plugin on your site by downloading our free Lite version. Need more features? Purchase our Elite version now! We are still on a massive sale with the plugin price slashed to 50%! Do you have more sites that need coupons? Purchase our license packs and use Coupon Code Plugin on up to 5 of your sites!