CCPEv5 Coupon Code Elite Version 5.0 Released!I am excited to announce that Coupon Code Elite Version 5.0 is now available for download in your client center!

v5.0 fixes a number of nagging issues, as well as adds new functionality. A quick summary of what’s “in the box” is below.

I know that lots of our current and potential customers have been patiently (or, in some cases, not so patiently!) awaiting this release, so as a thank you for sticking with us we’re going to discount our prices for 2 weeks in celebration of the new version!

Single Licenses are 20% Off – Use Code “HOORAVYV5” (like “Hooray, version 5!”).
Unlimited Licenses are also 20% Off – Use code “HOORAYV5” –

If you’ve been thinking of trying out the Elite version, or want to add CouponCode Elite to another website, now is a great time to upgrade!

We’re also introducing a new, 30-day money back guarantee policy. So rest assured you have plenty of time to make Coupon Code Elite work for you.

Bug Fixes in Version 5.0:

  • Fixed bug where 2nd (3rd, nth) coupon placed on a page was not clickable
  • Fixed warning from “wpdb:prepare” regarding 2 required variables
  • Blank dates now remain blank (do not switch to 1/1/1970)
  • Database is now upgraded properly when upgrading from older versions

New Features in v5.0:

  • Selecting “Hide Coupon Code” will now replace the code with your “Call to Action” text
  • Longer Coupon Codes – You can now create codes as long as you need and the button will expand with the code’s text.

Keep an eye out for v6.0 coming in Q4 with many more enhancements recommended by our community of users!

Thanks again for your support of our plugin!

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Preparationsv3.0 logo Coupon Code Elite v3.0 Changelog

Whenever you upgrade, there are certain preparations that you should do to ensure you minimize the possibility of experiencing issues. We have listed some below that we believe are vital. Please note that these are not requirements for Coupon Code Elite, they are suggestions to ensure that you get the very best from your website and to maximise your users experience.


It is rare that something should go wrong when upgrading, but just in case, you should always backup your site files and database so that you can roll-back changes should anything happen.

PHP Version

What PHP version is your host using? Some hosts (for some unknown reason) are still using PHP4. Not only is PHP4 extremely outdated and no longer being updated or developed, but the latest versions of WordPress do not support PHP4. If your host is still using PHP4, you should move to a new host. No host worth their salt would use PHP4. If you do not want to move to a new host, you should insist that your host upgrades your hosting account to PHP5, preferably the latest stable release of PHP5.

64bit Hardware and OS

It may not seem like much, but as with PHP4, there are many hosts who are using 32bit hardware and 32bit operating systems. You may not know this, but there is a date bug in unix/linux operating systems similar to the millennium bug which effects all dates beyond 2038. This does not just effect Coupon Code Elite, it effects all software on the server that uses dates, including WordPress, Forums, Membership Plugins etc. If any dates go beyond 2038, the server operating system and all software on the server will think that the date is Dec 13th 1901! This will cause your software to either expire items before they are due to expire, or crash. While this should not effect Coupon Code Elite, it is well worth noting as it could cause issues in other areas of your site where dates are commonly used such as membership etc. You can read more about the 2038 bug on wikipedia. We have talked to a number of hosts and shockingly, their support staff did not seem aware of this issue. You should ask your host to move you onto a server that uses 64bit hardware and a 64bit operating system or move to a new host that does have these.

Other Plugins and Theme

Update all your plugins and your theme, ensuring that they are all compatible with the version of WordPress that you will be using. It is surprising how many plugins have not been tested with and do not work with the latest WordPress version available. Using plugins or themes that were not designed for your version of WordPress can result in a huge range of issues that can bring your website to a grinding halt.


Upgrade WordPress to the latest stable release, ensuring that your other plugins have all been tested with the latest stable version of WordPress.

Features, Functions and Changes

Valid From and Expiry Date for all coupons (optional)

Each coupon can now have a “Valid From” and “Expiry” Date. When you add a coupon to a post, page or widget before the “valid from” date, the coupon will only display once the coupon becomes valid by passing into the period of validity. The same happens when a coupon expires, it is removed from the post, page or widget. This allows you to add coupons before they are active and the coupon will automatically become active without you having to do anything.

All dates use the WordPress settings so that the dates are in the same format as your WordPress site. This means that whatever date format you use for WordPress, will be the same date format that you use for your coupons.

If you do not enter a “valid from” date, the coupon will go live as soon as you add it to a post or page. If you do not enter an “expiry” date, the coupon will never expire and will remain on the post or page until you remove it.

Image below shows the options that can be found under the main Coupon Code options page.

Valid from and expiry dates 300x901 Coupon Code Elite v3.0 Changelog

Full Coupon Style Customization

You can now choose from 16,777,216 different colours (yes, more than 16.5 Million) for the background, border and text colour of your coupon codes. You can create coupon codes that stand out from your website or fall in line with your existing website design colours. You can also add an icon to your coupon code style.

In the image below, you will see the customization feature for coupon code styles.

custom styles 300x1721 Coupon Code Elite v3.0 Changelog

Hide Coupon Code (optional)

Some companies provide coupon codes that are very easy to remember and this means that they can be memorized by users, reducing the clicks that you receive. Some of our customers requested that we add a feature that will hide the coupon codes so that they can not be viewed by users. The user would have to click on the coupon code and be taken to the affiliate link before they can paste the coupon code and view it.

hide coupon code 300x651 Coupon Code Elite v3.0 Changelog

Feedback Poll (optional)

Sometimes companies will expire coupons before they are due to naturally expire, or they will not have an expiry but will be pulled from use by the company. How do you know what coupons are working and what coupons are failing? With our new Feedback Poll, users can see how many other users the coupon worked and failed for (shown below).

feedback stats user Coupon Code Elite v3.0 Changelog

You can also view these stats from the Manage Coupons page within Coupon Code (shown below).

feedback stats admin1 300x681 Coupon Code Elite v3.0 Changelog

Using this information, you can then see which coupons are being reported as broken, check the coupons and remove them if they are no longer working. This saves you a lot of time and helps keep users faithful to your site as you will have less coupon codes that do not work.


Recently, there have been a number of cases where sites were attacked and code injected, the biggest of which was TimThumb. This is a huge issue and something that we and all our customers want to avoid at all costs. As such, we have decided to encrypt Coupon Code Elite so that it is absolutely impossible for any would be hackers to inject code into Coupon Code Elite. If the encryption causes any issues or your hosting account is not correctly configured for encryption, our support team will help you for free. They will even alter your hosting account encryption settings for you if needed.


We have implemented a licensing system for Coupon Code Elite. This is for two reasons. Firstly, it secures your copy of Coupon Code Elite and secondly it helps us identify illegal copies and have them removed. Over the past month, we have been contacting share sites and requesting illegal copies are taken down. This is very time consuming and expensive. As such, by implementing a licensing system, we are ensuring that illegal copies of Coupon Code Elite do not exist and can not be illegally shared.

All existing customers have been issued with a license key (found in welcome email entitled “Coupon Code Elite”) which you will need to enter when you activate or upload Coupon Code Elite.

When you enter your license key, it will then lock the license key to your copy of Coupon Code Elite. You can release your license at any time by visiting your purchase within our client area and clicking on the release license button. We will add a full guide for this as soon as it has been released.

If you do not know your license key and can not find the email we sent you, please contact our technical support team who will be more than happy to resend your license key.

In closing…

As we release v3.0, we are working on new features and functions for v3.1. If you have any suggestions for features and functions that you would like to see in v3.1, or other changes that you would like to see, please submit them via our Suggestions Page.