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Hello and welcome to part 2 of our sneak peek into the brand new features within Coupon Code Elite v3.0. We have already covered two features within part 1, which you can find here.

Below, I will show you more features that are presently going through a battery of tests by our dev team to iron out any issues prior to release.

Hide Coupon Code

A number of users wanted the ability to hide the coupon code so that the actual code was not shown to users. Even though Coupon Code Plugin does prevent copying coupons without clicking on the coupon, many companies provide easy to remember coupon codes and as such a visitor could remember the coupon code without clicking on the code, thus bypassing your affiliate link. When you hide the coupon code, it will still display a styled coupon, but the coupon code will not be visible.

hide coupon code Sneak Peek at Coupon Code Elite v3 part 2

Feedback / Poll

Although we have added the ability for “valid from” and “expiry” dates for coupons (shown in part 1), some companies will expire coupons before the date they are due to expire. For example, if a company changes their prices or simply decides to end the coupon early. If you are running a website which provides coupons, you do not want to provide coupons that do not work. This will tend to go one of two ways, either you leave them on your site and lose active users or you spend time testing them all which will be very time consuming, especially if you have lots of coupons. Either way, it is less than ideal.
This is why we have created a Feedback / Poll which is a hovering box that allows users to vote for each coupon, saying if they worked or not. This information is then displayed to other users so that they can see if a lot of people are reporting the coupon as inactive. The information is also used on the backend of Coupon Code Plugin and will display within the manage coupons section so that you can easily see at a glance if any of your coupons are getting a lot of inactive reports. This feature should help to save you time, money and focus your website towards active and working coupons.

Below you can see the option within the main plugin options. This will switch on and off the feedback / poll option.

feedback Sneak Peek at Coupon Code Elite v3 part 2

When you view all your coupons, you will be able to see the feedback / poll results. In this example, there are no clicks as we are testing the feedback / poll function.

feedback stats admin Sneak Peek at Coupon Code Elite v3 part 2

The final image for the feedback / poll feature is taken from the post where we have added the coupon. Next to the coupon you can see a question mark. When you hover over this, it displays a layered box that shows how many people have reported it working and failing.

feedback stats user Sneak Peek at Coupon Code Elite v3 part 2

Presently, the latest version of Coupon Code Plugin in development is v3.0-RC1, which means that it is a release candidate. We expect testing to take no longer than 7 days. As soon as testing is complete, we will release Coupon Code Elite v3.0 and you will be able to download and use the plugin immediately.

As always, if you have any suggestions, we would love to hear them. Simply submit your suggestions via our suggestions page.

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We are hard at work on Coupon Code Elite v3 which will include the start of more features and functions.

Below I will show you two core functions that many of our existing users have asked for.

Total coupon code style control

This will allow you to control the colour of the background, border and link as well as which icon you use. The coupon on this image looks ugly, but that is because the colours selected clash. We are testing to ensure there are no issues or conflicts, the coupon you see is not a live coupon as this screenshot is from our test site.

coupon code elite new style options Sneak Peek at Coupon Code Elite v3 part 1

Coupon “valid from” and “expiry” date

We have added a “valid from” and “expiry” date for all coupons. When a coupon code is outside of this date range, it will not show. When the coupon passes the expiry date, the coupon and its code is removed from the post or page where it was entered. This allows you to keep your site clean and clear of outdated coupons automatically, saving you more time and money.

coupon code elite new coupon options Sneak Peek at Coupon Code Elite v3 part 1

Make sure you check back soon for more sneak peaks at features within upcoming releases and as always, if you have any suggestions, we would be happy to hear from you. Simply visit our suggestions page to submit your suggestion.