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Lets start at the beginning with the main settings for the plugin. The options for the General Settings page are all listed below with full descriptions:

Mask URL - Hides your affiliate link so that no one can tell that you are using an affiliate link. By masking your affiliate link, it also allows Coupon Code Plugin to log how many times each coupon code is clicked and the visitor sent to the merchant website via your affiliate link.

Use same browser window - Sets whether the link is opened in the same window/tab or is opened in a new window/tab. Most site owners would want to open the link in a new window/tab so that the visitor is not taken away from your website, but is taken to the merchant via your affiliate link in a new window/tab. The visitor can still go back to your website and click on other links and coupon codes. This helps to increase your average pageviews per user as well as keeping the visitor on your site for longer, both of which will help with your SEO ranking.

Call to action - Add text that will popup when the visitor hovers over the coupon code. It is a good tool to be able to instruct the user on how to copy the code such as "Click here to copy coupon code and visit merchant". You can add anything that you like.

Select a colour or button style - Select "style" or "button". Styles are small styled coupon codes while buttons are larger.

Colour style - The option that you see here will depend on your selection of the previous option. We provide a range of pre-set styles and buttons. If you can not find a style or button that you like, you can select the one closest to your needs and then select "custom" so that you can edit the link colour and image used.

Style sample - Here you will see a sample based on all the options you have selected on this page.

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