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Manage Coupons

Unless you have already added coupons, there will be no coupons to view. This is the second option within the Coupon Code Plugin menu. For the example below, we will show you what it looks like when you have coupons already listed.

The manage coupons page is split into the following columns:

ID - The ID of the coupon, this is for reference purposes only.

Name - The name of the coupon which you entered when creating or editing the coupon. This is ideally descriptive so that you can see at a glance what each coupon code is for.

Coupon Code - The code that is used on the merchants website to obtain the discount. This is the code that is copied to the visitors clipboard when they click on the coupon code and are taken to the merchants website.

Shown - This shows you how many times the coupon code has been shown. For example, how many impressions the coupon code has obtained. The impressions would also tell you how popular the page or post is that contains the coupon code, however, the stats are obtained directly from the coupon code and not from the page or post.

Clicked - This shows you how many times the coupon code has been clicked. When a visitor clicks on the coupon code, the code is copied to their clipboard and the visitor is taken to the merchants account via your affiliate link.

Actions - Here you can edit or delete the coupon code.

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