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This is the page where you add coupon codes. When you edit coupons, you see the same screen, except the fields will be filled as you will have already added the coupon.

Name - The name of your coupon. This is used for you to easily identify the coupon. For example if the coupon was for and provided 10% off any domains, we would recommend that you used a name like "GoDaddy 10% off all domains".

Coupon Code - Here you enter the coupon code that should be used to obtain the discount or special offer from the merchant when the visitor places their order.

URL - This is where you would enter your affiliate link for the merchant that the coupon code relates to. For example, if it was a coupon for, you would provide your affiliate link.

Shortcode - The shortcode is the code that is used to insert the coupon into your site. You can use any short code that you like. This is again helpful as it will allow you to see by only looking at the shortcode on your site what the coupon code is for. Using the example above where we added a coupon for 10% off domains with, you could enter something like "GoDaddy10OffDomains".

Caption - You can enter a caption specifically for certain coupon codes, this will display the caption next to the coupon code. For example you may want to say something like "Save 10% off all domains with GoDaddy"

Finally, to save your coupon, click on the "add coupon" button...

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