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We have been working on a new release of Coupon Code Elite for a while. It was during this work that the great guys at WordPress.org contacted us about the core system used for copying the coupon code which contained a potential for a Cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability where an attack could take place.

We ran a series of tests and while it seemed unlikely to effect any of our customers, it was still a potential risk that we had to mitigate. Our dev team then began planning changing the coding that was at risk. This was a large task and involved almost all of the coding that made up the coupon code copying process. This was pretty extensive work and resulted in an awful lot of testing and tweaking so that we could be sure it was problem free and we were not introducing any issues along with the new code.

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This has increased the size of the plugin from 162,652 bytes to 237,553 bytes.

Now that the core has been fully updates, our dev team can begin working on the planned new features and functions for the next release of Coupon Code Elite.


tommy - September 16, 2013 Reply

I need to view live sample????
Please give me url link ?

Website Administrator - September 16, 2013 Reply

Hello, the live demos are linked from the description http://couponcodeplugin.com/the-wordpress-coupon-code-plugin/

Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.

John - September 16, 2013 Reply

Hello, If I update my plugin,it remain current coupons?

Website Administrator - September 17, 2013 Reply

Hello, yes, all current settings and coupons will be saved.

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