Coupon Code does not have many requirements. There are a lot of hosts who provide limited basic functionality and do not provide some items as standard. All but one of the items listed below should be a standard on all php servers and all of the items should be a standard on 60%-80% of php servers. Unfortunately, low cost hosts try to cut costs wherever they can and one area is to reduce the available features and not update software as often as they should. You should demand more from your host or move to a new host.

WordPress – Of Course, you will need WordPress installed. Click here to view the WordPress minimum requirements on

cURL – Used by many popular WordPress plugins, we use curl primarily to authenticate your license key for Coupon Code Elite. cURL can be found on almost all php hosts servers.

IonCube – This is used by Coupon Code Elite to secure the main plugin files and help prevent code injection and code hacking such as inserting unwanted downloads, viruses and data theft. While most hosts do include IonCube as standard, not all do and it may need to be installed. But do not worry, we will install this for you for free. All it takes is a couple of lines within a php.ini file so that the server knows how to load the files.