Firstly, thank you for choosing Coupon Code Plugin. Below we will take you through every page and option available within Coupon Code Plugin.

Below we have guides for different areas of our plugin. They are separated into two sections. First we have a guide for each page within our plugin. Second, we have how to guides which will show you how to do certain things within our plugin.

Plugin Pages

General Settings – New to Coupon Code Elite? This is where you should start.

Add Coupons – How to add coupons to Coupon Code Elite.

Manage Coupons – Manage your coupons and view statistics.

How To

Upgrade Coupon Code Elite

Add a coupon to a post or page

Download Coupon Code Elite


Errors (if you see any errors when using Coupon Code Elite, please view this page)

Troubleshooting Guide – Experiencing issues with your site? Use our troubleshooting guide to isolate the cause of the problem.

Have We Missed Anything?

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