In most cases, issues are caused by a small number of factors. We have created a list of tests to help determine what is causing the issue. Please complete the following tips and let us know if the issue is still present after each test is completed. This will greatly help us determine the cause of your issue. As always, make sure that you create a full backup before doing anything to your site.

1) Other Plugins and Theme

Deactivate all other plugins, activate the default wordpress theme and check to see if the problem is still present. Some plugins and themes can incorrectly control areas of your site, conflict with other plugins or cause incompatibility issues. If the problem is not present, it is likely caused by your theme or one of your plugins. Activate your theme and check to see if the problem has returned. If the problem is still not present, it is likely caused by one of your plugins. Reactivate your plugins one by one, testing the problem after you activate each plugin. When the problem returns, you will know that the cause is the plugin that you last activated.

2) WordPress

Upgrade your wordpress install to the latest version available. You can download the latest wordpress version on the following page:
You should not upgrade wordpress if you are seeing an error in plain text such as “fatal error”.

3) Coupon Code Plugin

Upgrade Coupon Code Plugin to the latest version available. You can download the latest Upgrade Coupon Code Plugin here. To check which version you presently have installed, login to your wordpress site and visit your plugins section. Here you will see the Coupon Code Plugin version next to Coupon Code Plugin in your list of plugins.

4) PHP Version

Ensure that your server is running PHP5 as wordpress have ceased to support PHP4. No self respecting webhost should still be using php4, but unfortunately, many low cost hosts do still use old software as they do not update their servers in years. PHP4 is extremely outdated and you should insist that your host updates to the latest version of PHP5. If they refuse to do so, you should move to a new host.

5) 32 Bit Hosting?

Ensure that your server is using 64 bit hardware and software. Using 32 bit hardware and software causes a date bug within unix called the “2038 bug” which incorrectly calculates dates. At the very least, it will cause dates to be incorrectly calculated as being in the past, at the most, it will cause your server and software to crash or become corrupted. Your host should be aware of this bug and should have upgraded their servers to use 64 bit hardware and software.

6) Outdated Plugins

Check all of your plugins to make sure that they have been tested with and are compatible with the version of WordPress that you are using. As new versions of WordPress are released, they stop using some hooks and introduce other hooks. This can cause themes and plugins to operate in an unexpected manner. This can extend to serious issued such as database corruption and compatibility issues. You can check the compatibility of the plugin by visiting the page for the plugin within the WordPress plugin repository, or by checking the plugins homepage. It should state which version of WordPress it is compatible with.

7) Error Log

Check your error log. All hosts should provide you with access to an error log and a raw log. You should check them both for any errors. The log should state the cause of the error or what file was being read when the error happened.

Further Assistance

If the above guide does not help you isolate the cause of the issue, please contact our technical support team via our support page, making sure that you include the results to the above troubleshooting tips and all requested details, including blog and ftp login details.