When upgrading, it is fairly simple, but we have provided a short guide below to minimise the possibility of any issues.

Step 1: Backup your website files and database.

Step 2: Deactivate and delete your existing copy of Coupon Code Elite. This ensures that no file remnants effect the latest version.

Step 3: Upload the latest version of Coupon Code Elite and click on “Activate” next to Coupon Code Elite.

Step 4: Visit the license page of Coupon Code Elite within the admin sidebar and enter your license key. The license key was e-mailed to you when you ordered Coupon Code Elite. Lost your license key? Please contact our customer services or technical support team via the support link in the menu at the top of this page.

If you get any errors when activating, please check our manual as we have made a list of all possible errors under the errors section of the manual which will tell you what the error means and what you should do.

Below are a list of suggestions that you may want to check to ensure that you get the most from your blog.


It is rare that something should go wrong when upgrading, but just in case, you should always backup your site files and database so that you can roll-back changes should anything happen.

PHP Version

What PHP version is your host using? Some hosts (for some unknown reason) are still using PHP4. Not only is PHP4 extremely outdated and no longer being updated or developed, but the latest versions of WordPress do not support PHP4. If your host is still using PHP4, you should move to a new host. No host worth their salt would use PHP4. If you do not want to move to a new host, you should insist that your host upgrades your hosting account to PHP5, preferably the latest stable release of PHP5.

64bit Hardware and OS

It may not seem like much, but as with PHP4, there are many hosts who are using 32bit hardware and 32bit operating systems. You may not know this, but there is a date bug in unix/linux operating systems similar to the millennium bug which effects all dates beyond 2038. This does not just effect Coupon Code Elite, it effects all software on the server that uses dates, including WordPress, Forums, Membership Plugins etc. If any dates go beyond 2038, the server operating system and all software on the server will think that the date is Dec 13th 1901! This will cause your software to either expire items before they are due to expire, or crash. While this should not effect Coupon Code Elite, it is well worth noting as it could cause issues in other areas of your site where dates are commonly used such as membership etc. You can read more about the 2038 bug on wikipedia. We have talked to a number of hosts and shockingly, their support staff did not seem aware of this issue. You should ask your host to move you onto a server that uses 64bit hardware and a 64bit operating system or move to a new host that does have these.

Other Plugins and Theme

Update all your plugins and your theme, ensuring that they are all compatible with the version of WordPress that you will be using. It is surprising how many plugins have not been tested with and do not work with the latest WordPress version available. Using plugins or themes that were not designed for your version of WordPress can result in a huge range of issues that can bring your website to a grinding halt.


Upgrade WordPress to the latest stable release, ensuring that your other plugins have all been tested with the latest stable version of WordPress.