Unlike other coupon solutions, Coupon Code Elite allows you to add your coupons almost anywhere you would like within posts, pages and even your sidebar, giving you the freedom to style your coupons to suit your needs. Below we display examples starting with a single coupon within a post, multiple posts displayed within a category and multiple coupons displayed within a table which is on a single post. These are just a few of the many, many ways that you can display your coupons.

Coupon Layout Post Thumb Usage ExamplesCoupon Layout Category Thumb Usage ExamplesCoupon Layout Table Thumb Usage Examples

How are others using Coupon Code Elite?

Some sites such as my-promo-code.com uses Coupon Code Elite to create a full coupon site while other customers use Coupon Code Elite to display coupons within posts that are within their discounts category. This level of flexibility allows you to have a coupon site to suit your needs, you can have just some coupons or all coupons. It is entirely up to you.

demo my promo code Usage Examples

My-Promo-Code.com use Coupon Code Elite to run a full Coupon Code Website.